Modern society often vilifies sleep as a waste of time or indulging in laziness. In truth, sleep affects every aspect of your health, your physical, mental & emotional responses, and of course your focus, resilience & productivity.

Research shows that poor sleep has immediate negative effects on your hormones,

mood and performance.

    Why Do We Sleep?    

Here are a few things that happen during a night of quality sleep:

- Memories are consolidated and learning pathways are created.

- Immune function is increased, tissues repair, diseases are fought.

- Waste is removed, toxins are flushed.

- Nutritional elements & hormones are   balanced.


You can blame Thomas Edison for your sleepless nights. Before the light bulb, the rising and setting of the sun regulated the cycle of your adrenals in a predictable manner over a 24 hour cycle. The sunset with its hues of red, orange & yellow used to prime the brain for winding down, notifying the pineal gland to start producing melatonin. But now we keep the lights on until late, in addition to the TV, laptop and cell phone which bathe us in a blue light spectrum which is the most detrimental of all, preventing production of melatonin. The blue light emitted by your TV, tablets and laptops is extremely damaging.

Getting a great night sleep will likely require some lifestyle changes

You can eat healthy foods, exercise and meditate every day, but if you’re not sleeping well, your health will suffer. Poor sleep means poor brain function, lack of focus & resilience, poor productivity, blood sugar imbalances, unhealthy food cravings, mood swings, and a whole list of physical, mental and emotional issues.

And sleep deprivation directly reduces the production & performance of your

natural killer cells, which are your protectors against infection.

Sleep is a basic human need that must be met, yet it is often overlooked.

I have an ideal solution to your sleep problems, with no side effects.

It is called PSIO, which is a device that provides light and sound therapy;

It is a pair of glasses with a combination of relaxation techniques and colored lights.

The PSIO has been used in Europe for over 25 years in hospitals - by doctors, staff & patients – before, during & after surgery, in sleep labs, at the dentist’s, in spas and

in many other applications.

It offers an effective natural solution to sleep & stress disorders.

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