Debbie Allen,

The Success is Easy - Business Strategist


Inspirational Leader Olivia DeMoss, Thank you for setting a great example. Your mantra of bringing JOY to my corporate marketing team has raised our ROI and I can not thank you enough

Darrell Stern, Digital Marketing Expert

Merv Jersak, Founder

People First Project Management     

I was so touched and moved by your energy! You have no idea!!!  - Kwailan Barsotti, Owner Desert Lotus Boutique, Anthem AZ

Adabelle Princz,

Holistic Wellness Expert

I was one of the participant at the "Wednesday Group" and I love Your humor, Your enthusiasm, Your contagious smile and Your JOY! Thank You for coming to us! Love, love, love to You!

Edit Fogarassy Fejer, Surprise, AZ


I saw that this beautiful woman shared some things on her page that can benefit readers of The Global Achievers so I requested she specifically write an article on the subject we are all grappling with around the world. Her speed of implementation was second to none. It took her few hours to write and submit the article. How I love working with people like you Olivia DeMoss! You are an amazing woman and I can see

us doing great things together. Thank you for submitting your article for TGA magazine.

Dr Vicky Omifolaji, CEO The Global Achievers

When I spent time with Olivia in her retreat, I felt so much joy and happiness! Her beautiful aura is truly life changing! She has that infectious smile and there’s that energy about her that makes you want to follow her, hoping it will rub off on you. She has this unique and powerful way to help you tap into what needs to be transformed in your life. She took me through a breakthrough that helped me see a situation in a new perspective and feeling renewed.  - Hannah Priore, Consultant

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to actually escape the brown dirt of the desert?  Turns out you can!  Olivia's garden is an oasis in a place where none seem to exist. Her attention to the plants, ranging from fruit trees to bushes, mini secluded gardens, and the sound of the fountains will transport you to a new experience during her workshops and retreats.  Her plants ADORE company! You must visit this oasis in the desert; a real gem to find! And her retreats will transform you at your core.  

Jonathan Bengel, Tax Consultant & Podcast Naked Tax Talk

Your authenticity is so inspiring! Your French flair added the perfect touch of sophistication and mystique to your message! Furthermore, your tips are really effective at decreasing stress and increasing joy "on demand”. The environment in the room shifted, making the entire conference more enjoyable for everyone; the audience seemed to lighten up. And then it was amazing to see the long line of people waiting to speak to you, everyone wanting to catch a "spark" from you - Shannon Rossi, Powerful Health Strategies Coach

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Tim McConnelly

Kristi-Alan Henry, Entrepreneur & travel enthusiast