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We believe that plants can teach us

how to be better humans,

and can also show us

a leadership strategy

for sustainable, profitable and enjoyable business.


Our whacky current times

are creating

an economy that will eliminate

those who can’t adapt.
Plants have evolved through

billions of years of testing,

refining and adapting

to the conditions in their environment.

Have you ever thought of


as a model for business?


Garden Retreats




An experiential, transformational retreat

on zoom

You in your home or office

Me in my garden.

- Enjoy the peaceful and inspiring

beauty of Nature

- Reconnect with your heart

and your senses

- Discover your "Joie de vivre"

- Recharge your batteries
- Re-ignite your passion

for your business and

- Refocus on your vision


your legacy to the world.

It is an experience,

A soul exploration

And a wonderment adventure.

You will leave with

enhanced energy

And a sense of

renewed enthusiasm

For your business

and for your life.


We believe that

If your life isn't about the joy of it,

Something needs to change!

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