• Olivia

Today is National "Do Something Nice" Day

Why do we need a national reminder to be nice?

In this era of anxiety, depression, lack of self esteem and isolation, being kind to others is the most inexpensive way to keep these crippling feelings at bay.

Being nice to someone will likely bring a smile on their face, which will make you smile too and has the power to increase your serotonin and oxytocin levels, which boost your immune system and reduce blood pressure, thus protecting your heart.

Doing something nice for others takes the focus off yourself, therefore giving you an emotional break from your own problems.

And you never know how your attitude affects others sometimes to the point of creating a ripple effect.

The recipient of your kindness could be a person or an animal.

This National "Do Something Nice" Day may be the right time for you to get involved with a cause, thus fostering well being, self esteem and increased joy in yourself, helping heal your mental health and that of another living being too.

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