• Olivia

Is sleep a waste of time?

We sleep about 1/3 of our life.

That's a lot, but we need all that sleep in order to continue living because it is during sleep that our body heals and our brain regenerates.

The brain does something really amazing during sleep: it cleanses itself, as the glymphatic system works to prevent toxin build up. It is also during sleep that we store memories and learning,

It has been discovered that Dementia and Alzheimer are linked to a lack of restorative sleep.

Yet, man may be the most stupid animal on the planet, as he (and she) is the only animal that willingly deprives himself of sleep.

Too busy to sleep, heh?

Well, you'd better think about it differently because optimizing your sleep will help optimize your health, your relationships and your career, in other words; your life!

You need both quantity and quality of sleep for overall energy, response time, appetite & weight management, and a healthy executive center which will allow you to focus and make decisions.

Stop taking sleep for granted, it may be more important to your success than you've ever thought of.

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