• Olivia

I want what you have

What do successful athletes, singers, actors and speakers have in common? They have coaches. Why is it that business professionals sometimes hesitate to hire a coach?

Are they afraid that having a coach might be interpreted as a sign of weakness?

Well, let's be real: If you are human, you have weaknesses. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and, though our ego will deny it, we all have blind spots, and by definition, we cannot see our own blind spots.

In addition to feedback, we also need guidance and support.

At in person networking events, people would often come to me and say "May I rub against you, your joy is contagious; I want what you have"

I never thought of saying "Well if you want what I have, join my coaching program".

I am saying it now: If you want guidance and support in transforming your stress into joy, just reach out and let's see if we might be a good fit.

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