• Olivia

I do my best to have a joyful attitude today


Because it fills my body with feel good hormones that boost my immune system.

Because it is attractive.

Because it is precious to nurture my relationships

Because it helps me be more creative, more resilient, more productive

Because it is the best way to live Life

Can you do your best to have a joyful attitude too?


- First thing when you get up in the morning, look out the window and get some sunlight through your retina,

- And smile.

- Turn on some upbeat and cheerful music, and sing along.

- Fix yourself a breakfast or a smoothie that tickles your taste buds.

- If you are driving to work, instead of letting the traffic put you in a bad mood, enjoy the trees and plants along the way and be grateful for their beauty and their contribution to your healthy breathing.

- Throughout the day, have those moments of gratitude for something or someone.

- Pay compliments to people around you – genuine compliments of course.

- Laugh, and smile, and smile, and smile!

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