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I can't sleep because I am stressed and I am stressed because I can't sleep

Ever felt that way?

This has to do with your circadian rhythm, which regulates your hormones. Normally cortisol levels naturally rise when you get up in the morning, while melatonin levels get lower, to rise again in the evening in order to help you go to sleep.

But when your cortisol levels are still high at the time you should be winding down, you can't fall asleep even though you may be tired, because the high levels of cortisol prevent the melatonin to do its job.

Your circadian rhythm – your 24 hour biological clock – regulates your body temperature and hormone release, and of course your sleep-wake cycle.

As I have stated before, stress occurs when the demand is greater than the supply – meaning that your stress is greater than your capacity to respond.

When this happens, the stress hormone cortisol floods your body and disrupts your circadian rhythm, preventing you from getting a good night sleep.

What to do?

- Do not press the snooze button.

- Get up at about the same time every day, and right away, open the blinds to get some sunlight into your retina.

- Get moving to raise your temperature. You could hop or skip to the kitchen instead of dragging your feet.

- Turn some music on and sing along while making your chocolate smoothie. I love my raw cacao smoothie every morning. Ask me for my recipe!

Follow these steps and your internal clock will reset over time.

Can you think of anything else you could do?

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