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Isn't it strange that we have to be told to relax?

The average business leader works 72 hours per week, and over 20% of small biz owners work seven days a week. Is that you?

We have forgotten that relaxation is fundamental to our physical and mental well being, so it is important to make relaxation part of your health regimen – not just one day per year!

It will help you avoid burnout. A Gallup survey of 7500 full time employees showed that nearly two-thirds of them are dealing with burnout at some point while at work.

I suggest you be intentional in scheduling relaxation into your work day. You will experience the following benefits:

- Lower blood pressure

- Decreased stress and anxiety, allowing you to fall asleep easier

- A stronger immune system

- Less accidents

- Better relationships

- Less urge to smoke, consume alcohol or drugs, or munch all day

- Improved focus and clarity of thought

- Enhanced resilience and productivity

- And more... as well as an overall more enjoyable quality of life.

It is interesting to note that some people have a harder time than others at relaxing. Being a Parisian, I was one of those. Parisians don't know how to walk; they run all the time, even when they are not in a hurry. Then I moved to the south of France and I learned to walk. I later moved to Africa where I learned to sit down, and after a few years I even learned to sit down without feeling guilty about it.

You could choose to relax for just a few minutes. In fact a few minutes several times per day is most efficient.

You could try the following:

Set a reminder on your phone, to stop every couple of hours. Be fully present in the experience. Relax the muscles, the breathing, the eyebrows and the jaw. Tune into your body sensations - just as an observer – Watch your thoughts flow by, and get in sync with the environment. Perhaps you are sitting outside; pay attention to the sounds, the smells, perhaps a breeze in your hair. For a few minutes ... nowhere to go, nothing to do, just BE.

And then, put a smile on your face as you get back to work re-fueled.

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