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Are we seeing a depression pandemic at work?

Gallup CEO Jim Clifton, in a June 2021 interview, when asked about wellbeing at work, said that it is mainly a white collar thing, as leadership is still trying to figure it out.

But mental health is now a real concern, and this has to be addressed sooner rather than later.

He said that we are going to be unravelling the effects of Covid for a long time. The Census bureau this year, in a pulse of America, found that symptoms of depression went up from 10% to 40%.

Mental dis-ease is often a silent threat to the individual and to the organization. Recent studies in the US found that up to 15 million Americans suffer from these symptoms – significantly affecting their careers.

And depression is not reserved to the corporate world, a separate study found that nearly half of all entrepreneurs had personally suffered from depression.

The role of a team manager is to focus on motivation, communication and team-building within the workforce, in order to keep the entire team driven toward a common goal. This has never been an easy task, and has become more challenging than ever.

Responsible employers can take preventive measures to improve the work experience for their employees, while also listening to their concerns about additional issues which may be affecting their mental well-being.

(Info taken from The Dawn Rehab, Thailand)

What measures do you feel could be taken at no cost or low cost to the company, to address this issue without further delay?

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