So Glad You're Here!

So Glad You're Here!

We believe in disrupting the status quo in business 

We believe that your legacy holds tremendous value
And that it is needed in the world NOW

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We believe that cultivating joy

is an essential survival & thrival skill that can be learnt.

Business owners hire Olivia to boost happiness and joy in their organization, 

in order to improve resilience, productivity and impact, as well as personal fulfillment and dedication to their legacy,

through cutting edge Nature inspired coaching, consulting and retreats.

We believe that joy is an under utilized tool for manifestation.

We believe that happy employees stand together, working efficiently for the good of all involved, creating customer satisfaction, and are an asset to the company.

We believe that business owners who are mission driven deserve support to be the healthiest, happiest and most fulfilled they can be in their private life and their business, so they can focus on their vision because then everyone benefits.

We believe that business leaders who want to do well while doing good,

sometimes need a coach to educate, guide and support them 

so they can experience more satisfaction in their personal and professional life,

and renewed dedication to their legacy.

We believe that guiding and supporting conscious business leaders in increasing revenue so they can have a greater impact,

is a worthy goal; that’s why we do what we do.

Olivia's mission is to: Train, guide and support professionals to transform their stress

so they can master their business and their life by their own design,

Thus raising the vibration on this gorgeous Planet

and increasing global peace, prosperity and joy!

Because when you can control stress, it can no longer control you!


Olivia is a lifestyle coach, a high productivity consultant, stress tamer and

holistic happiness wiz and an authority on “Joie de vivre” (the joy of living),

A certified transformational Life coach,

A certified therapeutic laughter practitioner,

A certified values determination coach,

A certified money mindset coach

A Psych-k® Facilitator,

An award winning glass artist,

An award winning three times best selling author

A speaker and trainer


Olivia is also the joyful leader of the Network Together Virtual Phoenix Networking chapter.

Join us on zoom every Wednesday at 11 to noon (Arizona time). 

Register here:


Coaching & Consulting

Supporting you and your team

When Olivia works with you the client, she is on your team, helping you improve your lifestyle, which of course has a ripple effect on your personal and professional relationships,

impacting everyone in your organization, your clients, and ... the world!

Imagine having a team that is totally aligned with your vision and your company's values,

excited to go to work every morning because they know that they matter and they love what they do.

What incidence would it have on the bottom line? on your personal peace of mind?

and on your business mission and legacy?


We believe in ripple effects

What do you believe in?

How can we be of service?

We believe in true communication. Let's talk and see how we might be a good fit.


Coaching & Consulting

Discovery Session


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Virtual Garden Retreats

Recharge, Re-ignite, Refocus

These changing times are creating a new economy that will eliminate those who can’t adapt.
Plants have evolved through billions of years of testing, refining and adapting to the conditions in their environment.
Have you ever thought of Nature as a model for business?
Plants can teach us how to be better humans, and can also show us a leadership strategy for sustainable, profitable and enjoyable business.

An experiential, transformational retreat on zoom, you in your home or office, me in my garden. Enjoy the peaceful and inspiring beauty of Nature, reconnect with your heart and your senses, discover your "Joie de vivre", recharge your batteries, re-ignite your passion for your business and refocus on your vision and your legacy to the world.

It will be an experience, a soul exploration and a wonderment adventure. You will leave with enhanced energy and a sense of renewed enthusiasm for your business and your life.

Remember that if your life isn't about the joy of it, something needs to change!


We'd love to hear from you  :-)


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